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Yoga with Sonia

In my 40′s yoga is simply my lifeline as a single mama of two very lively boys. In yoga teaching I have found my real vocation. More about me…

And the times they are a changing.

bobdylanmuralGood ol’ Bob Dylan. He nailed it for us. Times for sure are changing and even more rapidly now. More than ever it becomes important to nurture ourselves so that we can be strong and steady through the acceleration. And yet with this strength and steadiness we also need to be flexible and open.

Yoga can help us contribute positively to this world. There are many, many wonderful things going on on this planet, but there sure are some that aren’t. There are ‘powers that be’ that simply don’t care. So it is crucial that we connect with our personal power and build on this with people power. Huge changes have been made over the past hundred years with sexism and racism challenged. Now inequality is especially being questioned as more truth is revealed about the greed and recklessness of the few. Our beautiful planet needs us to stand up as One.

onenessAnd here is where Yoga gets really exciting. Long have the rishis, the sages, advised us that in essence we are all One. Our separate little selves are an illusion. Ultimately on a more subtle level we are one big mass of energy, each and every action we make will affect the whole. Each thought. Each belief. We all have a responsibility = a response ability.

Although yoga practice is a deeply personal experience it has a huge effect. As each one of us loves and respects ourselves more so we are able to open to being more compassionate to others. And the collective unconscious is nourished with a more positive intent. Spiritual leaders talk of a tipping point. Much like the hundredth monkey effect, where it took just a small number of monkeys to learn how to use a tool and then hundreds automatically ‘learnt’.bluetit Or where some blue tits learnt how to pierce milk bottle tops and the next day thousands over England were freely drinking on our doorsteps. The more of us that deliberately choose to look after ourselves, each other and our planet the better. And the more of us that do this deliberately, with intention, the more magnificent.

In 2018 each event I host will be aimed at helping people empower themselves but also at helping at a deeper, greater level. Earth warriors, with peace, we have work to do and play to get on with. United we stand. And sit. And lie down. And yoga.

In love


Yoga on and off the mat

The kissing rocks at Brimham.
The kissing rocks at Brimham.
Yoga on the mat is easy. Its yoga off the mat which is more of a challenge.  Being present, calm, centred in the midst of storms shows true yogic nature. Being non-violent, honest, not greedy, disciplined .. that’s the basic foundation of practice. There is a lot more to yoga than physical practice. Its a way of Life.

Plant Pot Yoga with Bill Wood

check out Vanessa Pitriks and my hands - such interesting unconscious rapport

We LOVE great Yoga teachers!

Who would have thought that dropping the weight into the pelvis like a plant in a pot could feel so good? Heavens.

Last weekend I was really lucky to learn from Bill Wood, a highly skilled teacher influenced by Scaravelli Yoga. An absolute revelation. Bill led us through a weekend discovery of  ‘Being Soft, Being Strong’. The more we softened our bodies the more our natural strength was enabled. Asanas just grew from the inside out. Moving into greater and greater ease so we were able to exhale into comfortable steadiness. Always seeking to stay away from any rigid holding, we moved and so kept on making discoveries about our selves. No collapsing into stretches, rather curious investigation into being alive in our limbs, free in our joints. Our bodies opened, broadened and energised. Our minds calmed, centred and celebrated. Freedom. Breath became an experience in and of itself. My mind was able to touch times of stillness. A real gift. Treasure to cherish. And polish.

active wide legged forward fold - alive and awake in every cell

active wide legged forward fold – alive and awake in every cell

I am organising a longer retreat with Bill in 2018 – you can join the list now :) sonia@1body1souk.co.uk

and do join his mailing list! What an exceptional and lovely teacher.  billwoodyoga

Restorative Yoga


Well heck. There are teachers and there are teachers.

I’m just back from a 5 day training in Restorative Yoga with the brilliant Judith Lasater. What an inspiration. A real joy to learn from. How wonderful it was to be able to hug her. Real treasure. And I found gold.

Yep. I love her.

Guided body relaxation – Happy Christmas folks!

With thanks to all my students and clients who teach me so much. Thank you for all your trust, enthusiasm and commitment.

Click on the link below for a recording of a long relaxation – nearly 40 minutes. Set yourself up nice and warm and snug with guaranteed zero interruptions. Maybe put a large bolster/cushion under your legs and an eye mask/scarf over your eyes. Lots of blankets! or duvets!

relax and restore

Do take time out to relax deeply over the holidays. Preferably repeatedly. Lets see if we can make this a good habit for next year! When we relax deeply the body enters homeostasis and its potential for self-healing is optimised. What’s not to like? Feel more at peace and give yourself the greatest gift, health and happiness.

with love, Sonia xxx

Thank you 2015

Dance Improv Workshop

For giving me the gift of dance 
To explore yoga with.
For helping me understand
That if movement comes from within
Rather than imposed from without
The body expresses itself
With integrity.
Physical knots release,
Helping me escape from the prisons
Of emotional blocks
And mental restrictions.
Loving the Freedom,
ConsciousnessIMG_0231 filled with focus,
Watching the body unfurl and curl,
Stretch and strengthen
Exactly as it wants to.
Thank you for helping me
Learn to cherish
The innate intelligence
Of the body
And the creativity
Of spirit.
Helping me understand that
From the well springs of joy
And depths of sorrow
Movement moves me through
And keeps me moving on
To stillness.
angel2Great gratitude to my  free dance yoga and movement teachers this year:
the inspirational David Sye who keeps breaking down barriers www.YogaBeats.com
the brilliant choreographer and dance teacher Sam Lawrence   www.samlawrencedance.co.uk
the incredible 5 rhythms dance magician Chris Boylan   www.northernrootsandwings.com
the deeply touching Contace Dance and Embodied Presence Sara Carter    a highly gifted teacher who hasn’t got a website yet!

What 1body1soul yoga can do for you

1body1soul yoga classes work with your body and your soul. Classes help you get in touch with your true nature. You can be happy with who you are rather than who you think you should be. And when you are in tune with yourself you will find it easier to make the right choices. Choosing to live healthily and respectfully so we can enjoy more energy and zest for life. We can be in touch with what really matters. With passion and purpose we are motivated. I bring over 20 years of professional practice of Healing, Advanced Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy and NLP as a therapist and trainer. I have long been fascinated by the relationship of the mind, the body and the spirit. Yoga is a wonderful practice which will help you understand more about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Fully appreciate how you can feel your best and be your best.