Guided body relaxation – Happy Christmas folks!

With thanks to all my students and clients who teach me so much. Thank you for all your trust, enthusiasm and commitment.

Click on the link below for a recording of a long relaxation – nearly 40 minutes. Set yourself up nice and warm and snug with guaranteed zero interruptions. Maybe put a large bolster/cushion under your legs and an eye mask/scarf over your eyes. Lots of blankets! or duvets!

relax and restore

Do take time out to relax deeply over the holidays. Preferably repeatedly. Lets see if we can make this a good habit for next year! When we relax deeply the body enters homeostasis and its potential for self-healing is optimised. What’s not to like? Feel more at peace and give yourself the greatest gift, health and happiness.

with love, Sonia xxx


  1. NestorPortnoy says

    I have been taking Hatha Yoga classes with Sonia for several years. Sonia Helped me to advance not only in my physical practice, but in my emotional control and spiritual path. This is something that not every teacher can do.

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