Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats and workshops in Yorkshire

meditation in natureMeditation is known as Raj Yoga, or the king of Yoga. It helps us open up to the precious state of samadhi, of deep peace, joy, connection and more.

Asanas (physical postures) help free and strengthen our bodies so that we can sit comfortably for an extended period. Pranayama (where we work with our breathing) and Kriyas (cleansing practices) help our energy pathways, nadis,  flow clearly.

It is from this position of steadiness and ease, of purity and passion where we can open up to experiencing more of ourselves, beyond the physical. Stilling the body, the mind is more able to be still. Our powers of concentration develop and so we can explore different levels of consciousness, including the more subtle, higher states of being.

Meditation is transformative. On a basic everyday level it helps us be more patient, more grounded and sensitive. On a deeper level it can help us actualise our potential. By connecting with our true nature, swarupa, so layers of unhelpful programming, cultural conditioning and unhelpful thought patterns start dissolving. We become more in touch with our real nature as opposed to the constructed personality or ego.

Becoming more ourselves so we can open up to the magic of Life. Innate intelligence is awakened, we become more intuitive and able to honour our instinct. Brilliant magical episodes of synchronicity materialise in our lives. We can be fulfilled with a deeper sense of purpose, living for much more than me and mine.

Yoga is holistic. It explores the relationship between mind.body.spirit. Religion has put many of us off spirituality but many of us are looking to reclaim a connection with the sacred.  Meditation can help us open up to states of samadhi ~ being absorbed in sacred space. These states are profoundly transformative.

Meditation empowers us to connect with our own personal truth and connection with the Great Mystery. Ultimately this is beyond words.

Workshops and retreats in York and Yorkshire being planned! Please email if you would like to hear first about these events.