Plant Pot Yoga with Bill Wood

check out Vanessa Pitriks and my hands - such interesting unconscious rapport

We LOVE great Yoga teachers!

Who would have thought that dropping the weight into the pelvis like a plant in a pot could feel so good? Heavens.

Last weekend I was really lucky to learn from Bill Wood, a highly skilled teacher influenced by Scaravelli Yoga. An absolute revelation. Bill led us through a weekend discovery of  ‘Being Soft, Being Strong’. The more we softened our bodies the more our natural strength was enabled. Asanas just grew from the inside out. Moving into greater and greater ease so we were able to exhale into comfortable steadiness. Always seeking to stay away from any rigid holding, we moved and so kept on making discoveries about our selves. No collapsing into stretches, rather curious investigation into being alive in our limbs, free in our joints. Our bodies opened, broadened and energised. Our minds calmed, centred and celebrated. Freedom. Breath became an experience in and of itself. My mind was able to touch times of stillness. A real gift. Treasure to cherish. And polish.

active wide legged forward fold - alive and awake in every cell

active wide legged forward fold – alive and awake in every cell

I am organising a longer retreat with Bill in 2018 – you can join the list now :)

and do join his mailing list! What an exceptional and lovely teacher.  billwoodyoga

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