Hatha Yoga Classes in York

Each of my Hatha Yoga classes in York is unique, directed to meet the needs, strengths and potential of the people attending. Everyone, every body is welcome. Young, old, tall, short, big, small – all welcome. Yoga helps and invigorates everyone. One and a half hours to substantially improve your life.

We are now on holidaybobs BUT you can go to an excellent range of Summer School yoga classes run by the friendly and welcoming volunteers of  Yoga Extra (also known as the North Yorkshire Yoga Federation) details here

  • Monday eve  7 – 8.30 pm Beginners and Improvers     
  • Limited to 16 people to ensure more individual attention – class is currently full, email sonia@1body1soul.co.uk or call 07875 209546 to join the waiting list.
  • £45/30 (concessions) for 6 weeks
  • The Sustainable Centre, Derwenthorpe. YO10 3NP
  • Tuesday eve 6.15 – 7.45 pm   Progressing, however beginners are always welcome. 
  • Beginners – we don’t bite. Much. We were all beginners once. And in some ways hopefully still are.
  • £45/30 (concessions) for 6 weeks or £9/6 per session.
  • The Melbourne Centre, Escrick St, Fishergate. York. YO10 4AW

Please contact me if you cannot afford classes – Yoga is for everyone. sonia@1body1soul.co.uk

  • Wednesday morning class at the Folk Hall in New Earswick
  • run by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.
  •  9.30 to 11 am £6 drop in.
  • all abilities very welcome
  • Please give me details of any conditions  (eg sciatica, IBS, insomnia) you have in advance of class either by email sonia@1body1soul.co.uk,  mobile 07875 209546 or talking to me before the session begins. thank you
hamstring lengthening good for healthy backs

hamstring lengthening great for healthy backs

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, flexible in some parts, stiffer in others. Yoga is self practice, totally non competitive. The journey is watching yourself improve – physically, mentally and emotionally. I like to encourage partner work as this helps the body relax and tone much more quickly. It also helps create a happy, relaxed atmosphere in a yoga class – a spirit of community and support. Of course, like everything in the class, partner work is optional – other choices are always given and taken. The more we relax together the deeper we can release into yoga nidra at the end of the yoga class where deep healing can happen.



‘Sonia is a brilliant yoga teacher, very focused and informative. Her classes are always friendly and fun to be in.’

Sara Collins

‘I first looked to yoga to help with a recurring back issue and problems with my pelvis. Sonia has looked after me from the beginning, tutoring me on how to take it easy in her yoga classes, ensuring that I listened to my body and only did what was right for me.’

Tamlyn Ryan

‘I’ve been learning yoga with Sonia for nearly 5 years. More than any other teacher I have ever had Sonia concentrates on explaining the postures very clearly and manually adjusting you where necessary so you get the most benefit from the class. Her yoga classes are fun and very stimulating and I would recommend them to anyone. Sonia really cares about her students.’

Sarah French


Partner or prop work can help your your yoga practice significantly. Bottom left of the picture a bolster is used to help the body release forward and down.

‘Sonia is an excellent teacher with a great sense of humour, inclusive and welcoming to everybody, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are. She always works on an individual basis and will tailor the session depending on people and their abilities. Her warmth and encouraging attitude are extremely beneficial – highly recommended!’

Milena Dragic

‘Sonia is a brilliant, sensitive, inspired, funny, spiritual, intuitive teacher. You’re in safe hands.’

Ruth Elder

‘As an experienced student I enjoy her classes and found them to increase my understanding.’

Downward dog strengthens the body

Downward dog strengthens the body

Emma Yates-Butler

‘I’ve been attending Sonia’s yoga classes for a number of years now. Her grounded, friendly approach focusing on natural core strength to support classical postures has always worked well for me. Her use of breath work (pranayama), relaxation, humour and seasonal rhythms scattered with spiritual wisdom creates a wonderful space in which to relax, expand and grow.’

Colin Froggatt

‘I love my yoga classes and really look forward to them every week. Some time for me.’

Sally Ryan