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 Autumn Yoga Retreat ~ Letting go into Autumn’s glow

adho mukha svanasana at Brimham Rocks

adho mukha svanasana at Brimham Rocks

Barmoor country house, North Yorkshire Moors, October 13 to 15

After the intense brilliance of summer sun and more active outgoing lives, we now enter the

“season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” (Keats).

Life softens as we prepare for hunkering down for winter. Like the trees shedding their leaves, it’s time for us to let go. And from this letting go we have rich fertile soil from which to grow with ease, strength and flexibility. Guided by the wisdom of classic yogic texts, bring your yoga practice alive and kicking for the present day.

Relax and release with Restorative Yoga, connect with that deep well within. Re-energise and encourage your natural dynamic flow to express itself in a self respecting, self loving way. Trusting in the body’s innate intelligence move freely. Let your yoga grow from within, rather than be imposed from without. Explore classical Hatha yoga asana practice guided by effortless effort, prayatna shaithilya. Explore dedication with detachment, abhyasa vairagya. Working with partners and props experience the profound effect support gives. Experience the steady comfortable ease of true yoga practice, sthira, sukham asanam. Feel how your breath deepens and your asana practice naturally expands. Appreciate a full and vital practice which enlivens the self in a relaxed respectful way. Enjoy yoga outside and connect with nature ~ let this help you realise your own true nature, swarupa.

Honouring the physical, open to experience the more subtle levels of being. Mantra, mudra and meditation can help us open to states of freedom and clarity. Celebrate the sacred. Ishvara Pranidhana.

Barmoor is a huge rambling Quaker house set in the wilderness of the North York Moors. Peace and beauty abounds. There will be plenty of opportunity to enjoy free time – walks outside, reading by roaring fires or having a shiatsu massage (additional fee). All food will be freshly made by the ridiculously talented Kate of Mindful Cooking.

From 5pm Friday 13 October to 3pm Sunday 15 October.

Early bird price £186 if booked by July 21 with £62 deposit. Prices rise to £240 from then on. 18 people maximum – sharing twin and triple rooms. The house can sleep a lot more but I like to encourage a sense of spaciousness together with a little happy community of friendship and ease.

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Feedback from last year’s Autumn retreat

“A brilliant weekend of yoga and friendship” John

“Profoundly relaxing and rebalancing” Tracy

“Nurturing, relaxing, rejuvenating” Rose

“Wonderful space and loved, loved, loved yoga outside.” Katie


Feedback from this Spring’s retreat

“Thank you for an amazing experience … really touched me.”   Jo

“Profoundly spiritual and practical day to day tips for a happier, more comfortable life.”   Tracy

“Such a nurturing and freeing weekend. I feel lighter, brighter and free.”   Sarah